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With the HENROB 2000 torch you will save up to 70% on the gas you use, thats because you can weld anything useing only 4 pounds oxygen and 4 pounds acetylene. The concentrated low velocity flame allowes you to do jobs not possible with a conventional oxy/acetylene torch. This same torch with the same tips will cut from paper thin to one inch thick steel plate.

This torch has 92 World Wide patents and is so well made(USA)it comes with a LIFETIME WARANTY. Once you own this fine piece of equipment you'll never let it go.

Call or E-mail Rob MacDermid for more information or just follow the links to more details on this great torch.

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More HENROB info.: More photos
HENROB 2000 Complete: Instruction book and parts list

800-505-3687, New York 10803
United States

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