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The revoultionary HENROB 2000 welding and cutting torch makes even a beginner look like a Pro. It truly makes difficult metals such as aluminum, cast iron and stainless steel easy to do.

The HENROB 2000 uses only 4 lbs oxygen and 4 lbs acetylene and you never change that setting no matter what you are welding. That will save you from 50% to 70% of the fuel you use. That could pay for the torch in a short time. You can use the same torch to cut from paper thin up to 1 inch thick steel, it cuts like a plazma torch, and you still use only 4 lbs acetylene you must use more oxygen to get through the heavy plate, ie, 1/2 @ 15 lbs.

The fact is the only thing this torch has in common with a conventional oxy/acetylene torch is that it uses the same fuel and much less of it.

Dramatically different the HENROB 2000 is covered by 92 World Wide patents and it's offered with a "LIFETIME WARANTY", thats how sure the manufacturer is of this product. Made in the USA by the HENROB Corporation and sold by distributors since 1982.

More HENROB 2000 Information:

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